Perea Mobile Health
Book a half-price chair massage here at WeWork Paddington, by Google's top-rated therapeutic clinic. Cost £16 + VAT for 15 minutes. Please book online. Card payments only. 2 hours cancellation policy apply. Need further treatments? Visit our Clinics in Islington and get 20% off any treatment including physiotherapy or osteopathy. Code WEW20. We look forward to seeing you. Good to know before you book: - The Massage is a remedial massage which may leave you sore for the first 1-2 days. Please inform your therapists if the amount of pressure is right for you. - Please inform your therapist if you have/had any: - Back/spinal problems - Other Skeletal problems - heart conditions - Blood pressure - Circulatory Problems - Diabetic - Respiratory problems - Recent operations/ injuries/ cuts - Arthritis/ rheumatism/ joint problems - Cancer/ chemotherapy/ radiations therapy
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